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               Xiyi is a professional supplier of international brand adhesive,founded by most professional in electronic industry. It has become the authorized distributor of asia's largest silicone manufacturer Shin-Etsu Silicone, responsible for sales operations related to the mainland. Current annual sales of more than ten million, for the electronics industry with a full range of organic silicon solutions. Shin-Etsu Silicones for the market: adhesive, conformal coating, encapsulant, thermal grease, LED chip package, lubricants, molding slicone and other high performance rubber silicone product line.
          Our products, use widely in: electronics, flat panel display, LED packaging and lighting, household appliances, solar energy, electrical power, automotive electronics, aviation and the field of lubrication. Our engineers will be based on customer's manufacturing process, operational requirements, equipment condition, to provide the best solution.
                Also we sell the full line product of electronics silicone, including LED package.
          We have great price advantage of Dowcorning product. We have some electronic adhesive product of Momentive, Cemedine.
               We have most senior professional application engineer, providing technical support and site instruction.

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